Best Technology Advances We Will See In Our Lifetime

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Jul 11 2013

Technology has changed so much in the last few decades, it seems hard to believe that there are many more changes in store. Here are some of the most important technological advances you can expect to see in the coming years.

Driver-less cars: This effort is being spearheaded by Google. The tech giant has been testing driver-less cars for some time, and has even successfully completed several test runs in closed-course conditions. It seems likely that these types of vehicles will be in mainstream use in 20 to 30 years. However, you may not see them on the highway. They Read the rest of this entry »

Here Are The Best Technology Advances Of The 2000s

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May 21 2013

Significant advances have been made in the field of technology in the past decade. Some of the major tech companies that have contributed to these advances include Google, Microsoft and Cisco.

Here are the best technology advances of the 2000s:

The Smartphone

People still remember watching movies in the 1990s with Hollywood stars using foot-long cell phones.

As the years have gone by, cell phones have become smaller. Fifteen years ago, people would have never Read the rest of this entry »

What Is The Best Technology Advances Of The 90s

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Mar 28 2013

The 1990s are a decade mostly associated with flannel shirts and grunge music. The technologies that we now use every day were in their beginning stages, but people were working hard behind the scenes to make these innovations ready for the masses.

The internet was just beginning to be used, but even then it was mostly a network of news and opinion. A great invention that came with the internet was email. Anyone with a modem could instantly send letters to friends and family on opposite sides of the globe. This also Read the rest of this entry »

Internet Tech: The Three Major Types

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Nov 18 2012

It was in 1996 that the people really started noticing and using the internet. Back then, you had dial-up which meant not only a slow connection (by relative standards today) but an engaged phone line and one heck of a phone bill. Not that there was really much to see… Back then, sites were mostly nothing more than wallpapered backgrounds with text and static images – it would be a while before Web 2.0 standards.

In recent years, we have not only improved the way we convey information on the internet, but the ways in which we access the internet as well. And we even have three major types of internet service.

Wireless Internet
Name says it all, doesn’t it? However, it’s so much more, nowadays. If you’ve been to sites like then you might have heard of a little something called 4G internet. Among other great conveniences, 4G has the capability of replacing isolated Wi-Fi hotspots in favor of a hotspot the size of a city.

Satellite Internet
While perhaps technically not the best service around, great advances have been made both in the performance and efficiency of this service. Plus, it’s great for anyone living in what some might consider isolated regions where the major service providers can’t reach.

Home Broadband Internet
Still around and still just as reliable as ever. Despite this, however, people are gravitating more toward wireless and 4G services because of the greater mobility it affords.

Technology Helping Students Learn Better and Quicker

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Sep 10 2012

Technology is one of those things that are very important to society itself. Many people would not know how to deal with everyday life, if it wasn’t for technology. There are many things that fall under the category of technology. Some of these things are common sense, and others you would never think of.

One very popular piece of technology would have to be the tablet. These came to the market not to long ago. There are many great features Read the rest of this entry »

Cell Phone Technology: Apps And Beyond

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Sep 09 2012

Cell Phone Technology: Apps and Beyond
Welcome to the world of today’s cell phone technology! There are apps to help small business owners process client payments faster to watching the latest episode of your favorite TV show. We can even see a relative, who lives hundreds of miles away, on the phone. Let’s not forget the foodies of America, because there’s an app for wine pairing and a cornucopia of food apps. For when life is on-the-go, there are banking apps, planning apps, and even phones that have voice Read the rest of this entry »

Wireless Technology Making Our Life Easier

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Sep 06 2012

It is no secret that the advances occurring in technology are absolutely amazing. There are so many new devices today that one would not have even dreamed of seeing years ago. These devices bring convenience and ease into our lives, providing us with many different services and applications. From the days of the phones, to today’s days of the wireless electronic devices, technology has left a great imprint in our lives. One of the best advances in technology is the ability to use a device without having to drag around the accompanying wires. Read the rest of this entry »

Advances In Technology Are Saving Us Money

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Sep 02 2012

What started out as simply a less expensive way to compare prices has become a full blown technological advance. Price comparisons done from home, or with a hand held device has led the way for many shoppers to save hundreds of dollars a year on what they purchase every day.

Grocers and department stores have advance from online printable coupons and sale ads to digital savings downloaded right to your phone. You select what you want from their offers and enter your pin number at the checkout for an automatic deduction on your total Read the rest of this entry »

How Can Technology Helps Us Everyday

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Sep 01 2012

Nothing has helped out society, in general, more than technology. Every civilized society uses some form of technology to function, whether it be traffic lights, refrigeration or a complicated power grid that a large city so desperately relies on. As time goes on, humans will only become more and more involved with technology. This, however, is not necessarily bad.

Technology is a neutral tool. Meaning, it can be used for either good or bad purposes. When technology is used in a responsible and Read the rest of this entry »